Monday, September 7, 2015


I've been MIA for quite a while now. Not only from the blog but from the author world in general. It's been a much need hiatus. Life happens and it becomes a priority. In my absence, I've noticed a few things. One - life goes on... and on...and on... whether you're around or not. Two- not much has changed. Yes, I've checked in here and there but posting has not really been book related. Nor has my life. LOL! Still writing the same book I was six months ago. UGH! I'm motivated now and it's time to come back. The point of this post though isn't that No Return - Meyer's story is almost finished, although it is. YAY! But that I have been inspired. Soon to come is a project I've been mulling over and I've decided to go through with it. So be on the look out for something I'm going to delve into... something that I've been away from for a very long time but experiencing all over again- Dating. :) I'll publish a chapter at a time through Wattpad so it will be entirely free. Stay tuned...  I hate it when people do that suspense thing, don't you?
So be on the look out for No Return... soon!

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