Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So close to finishing Barely Breathing! Yes, I decided to keep the title. Too many things in the book stick with the title. I thought I'd share just a tiny bit to tease you just a little. Don't forget to check out Just Breathe if you haven't read it. This is the next book in the trilogy. If all goes well it will be out by April 15th. Enjoy!
As he starts to lecture, I notice that someone is sitting in the seat to my left. My heart stops, literally. That seat is just condemned. Nothing good has come from anyone sitting there in this class. I'm scared to death to look. I have to know though. I turn my head slightly and my eyes meet the unmistakable green that I know so well, Alex. He glares at me angrily and looks away. Okay so maybe I'm not at the top of his favorite people list. Ugh, this is probably not so good that he's chasing me down.
Class drones on forever. With every minute that passes I am more and more uncomfortable. I know he's going to corner me after class. I just don't know what I'm going to say. I steel another glance his way, this time his eyes have a softness in them, and that familiar flutter roams through my belly. I look straight ahead. Why in the world can't I get my life together?  
The bell rings. I get up and gather my things, noticing the whole time that Alex is standing there waiting on me. Maybe if I drag it out and make him late, he'll leave, without me. Fat chance, he probably doesn't even like high school or need it for that matter. I pull my backpack over my shoulder but he stops me and effortlessly grabs the strap placing it on his arm next to his bag. Ugh, now I definitely can't run. I look over and he gestures for me to walk in front of him.
Once we're in the hall I feel his hand under my elbow guiding me out the doors toward the parking lot. My heart speeds up at his touch. We pass many of my friends but they don't give us a second thought. I wonder if this is it. Will he demand I go right back to the sea? That thought hurts a little, I don't think I'm ready to go back.
His hand stays under my arm steering us to a black pickup truck, a few rows from the door. Once we're next to the truck he drops our bags, turns me so my back is against the truck, resting his hands above my shoulders against the black metal.
He lets out a deep breath as if he's been holding it in,"Ever, don't do that to me again." His voice is pained at the last word. I glance into his eyes, so much hurt. Without thinking, my hand goes up and rests on his cheek. He leans in so that his lips are an inch from mine. I close my eyes, knowing this is wrong but needing to feel something. His breath hitches but he doesn't move any closer. I open my eyes and he's still right there. I close the gap. My lips graze his gently. A feeling rises up like none I've felt. Not the intense need or tingle I feel with Jack. A soothing feeling, a calmness that I welcome. His lips explore mine. It lasts only a few seconds and he pulls away searching my eyes. My head screams at me, Ever this is wrong, what are you thinking?