Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writing...My Second Job!

Most of us Indies are in different stages of the writing process. I mean the writing, publishing, and promoting process not the actual writing although that is of course the most important part, isn't it? If you don't have a desirable result you'll get no where. No one wants to read a book, not well thought out or full of gramatical errors. Okay so off topic a little...
This is more about my short journey and where I find myself today. My official job, a reading teacher, for fifteen years now, and still loving it, is absolutely whole day consuming as you can imagine. Then the second part of my time spent but really the most important job, mommyhood.
This leaves little to my newest job, writing. But so help me, I find the time every day for some little aspect of it whether it be writing or promoting. The latter I have to say makes me a total internet whore, oh boy!
This journey seems to take a different turn, it seems, every day. My one and only book took a year to write. Okay so that's a long time you say but really no one knew about my writing (Still working on that part) so no hurry. Now though I have time limits and goals. The next book needs to come out within a reasonable time of the first. There's writing, editing, and more editing, cover art to schedule and plan, and promoting which I'm still learning the ins and outs.
So needless to say, life is chaotic! I look forward to the day when writing steps up in the order of things. We always say that though, right, the grass is greener... Cheers to writing and cheers to those that take the time to read it!