Monday, March 10, 2014

Cover Reveal- Storm of Ekkos by Heather Allen

Storm of Ekkos
Sixteen year old Elijah Weston thought the small town of Lincoln wouldn’t ever be interesting. As far as he was concerned the place had an identity crisis. It wasn’t fully in the mountains and not close enough to the ocean to be called a beach town. It was the epicenter of boredom. With the throngs of churchgoers and bible preachers surrounding him, nothing ever seemed to change. He believed growing up, that his chance at ever leaving his home was a possibility that would never happen.


A terrible storm rolled in from out of nowhere and he saw her. At first he thought she was a mirage off in the distance, a trick of the rain pelting down on him. Surely his eyes had deceived him. Certainly he couldn’t have seen her walking out of the side of a mountain, could he? Yet, when she appeared again, suddenly coming to his rescue, he knew she was real and different than anyone he had ever seen. What he didn’t know was that she was here on Earth for a reason and she would do anything to get back home to Ekkos.

Hadley Morrow had a purpose, go to the other Earth, kill the intruder and return to Ekkos. She was to complete her task without anyone on the planet seeing her. It was a test, her first opportunity to prove herself. But he almost died because of her and she had to act. It was stupid but it happened. Now she finds herself stuck on the wrong planet with a boy she resents, but can’t leave behind.
Look for it in May 2014