Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My First Indie-Life Post

I always dreamed of writing and publishing.  It was always so daunting when I thought about the time I would need to dedicate on top of my already chaotic life.  I was onto something though, when I decided to get my masters degree in educational leadership, where I have been working for fifteen years.  I spent every night writing anyway on top of three kids and all their "stuff". 

And so the writing commenced after I finished the degree.  I found that I really enjoyed it too, I wasn't forcing myself because a project or paper was due.  I decided young adult was the way to go, one of the genres I enjoy the most.  So the book was finished after about a what?  I decided half heartedly to try traditional publishing.  I did send out some query bites.  Then I found that many authors I read were self-publishing.  I did a lot of research and took the dive.  I am still learning so much about the whole process.  Promoting a lot through any social media network I can.  I have to say the most rewarding thing is actually seeing that your book is chosen and people are reading it.  My words are being read by others.  It's actually addicting...  I am well into my second book already.  I am tremendously grateful to other Indies for support and encouragement in this new adventure!